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Worn Out

Well when I got home from work yesterday, Daniel just looked horrid. My little angel baby. So we went straight to the store, since I’m broke, I pulled out money from my savings to purchase a new thermometer and medicine. Got home, took his temp, 103.0. I think it was a touch higher but as it is I had to force him to stay still to even get his temp at all. I then had him take the fever reducing medication, he didn’t eat/drink anything even when I begged, bribed, was stern, I haven’t slept in 2 days. So this morning he got up, had a diaper from HELL. Took his temp, 99.5 *whew* and was thirsty! And drank fluids! And was hungry! I am so relieved. I sobbed yesterday because I was so worried. I know he is still sick, but now he is on the path to getting better!

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