Worn Out…

August 15th 2004 / 1 minute to read

Some hostees have left OSN, umm have wicked cramps.

I just haven’t been in any sort of mood to talk lately.

I did a design job for two header images for Madhoo. So I am so relieved, I am going to have to go the grocery store later this week because now I can buy food for the next few days!

I had a job interview for a receptionist type job earlier this week. I don’t feel it went well.

I have a huge rant stored as a closed entry, it touches on a lot of things, lots of cussing involved. I’m not sure people would want to read that sort of thing lol.

I am just trying to not go into a huge depression about my situation right now. I emailed my resume out to a few places, local libraries and such.

Hmmm, I guess that is it for now.

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Glad you’re managing to stay away from the depression demons, they aren’t helpful.  Keep your spirits up best you can.  Feel better!

Reply to Barb

Heads up. Even the droughts are part of your journey. Adopt the attitude that everything you’re experiencing has been brought into your life, by you, for your benefit.

You’ll make it. Will you make it with style, panache and grace? Or with whining, complaining and general bad spirit?

If it gets really tough, email me. :)

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cheer up, today is god

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