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I can not even come close to expressing the gratitude I feel right now. Lemme tell y’all. The internet… isn’t full of deviod humans. It isn’t just text on a screen.

Human generosity. I went between sobbing like a nut (well it is that time ahem cough female month yeah) and shrieking hysterically on the phone to my twin sister and to my friend Mary. Then the hours of talking to Miss Gina who shrieked with me.

Thank you so much. You all know who you are!!!

On to other things, Matt has been working with Daniel more on expanding his vocabulary. The new joy involves the word “mine” oh yes, what is more fun than a two year old learning the meaning and word “mine”? Nothing. Really lol.

If it is still nice outside tomorrow, I want to go to the big park, it’s about a mile from here… maybe a bit less actually.

I am a bit perkified from all the stuff tonight, plus I had some of that new Pepsi Edge. Really does taste like normal pepsi. Interesting stuff.

I am just babbly. MuseLog has really been doing good which is just thrilling. Tomorrow is a New Moon so I want to do something for that.

I called around and a few stores seem to be starting to hire for their seasonal positions. I want to get an application in at the following:

Yankee Candles

I am also going to whip out the phone book and just call every single bookstore in the area and see if they are hiring. Gina also polished up my resume. So I refreshed that on sites like monster.com ‘n such. I am also going to call a few hotels in the area as well.

Theoretically I could still be called back from the interview I had a few days ago, but I am not getting my hopes up on that.

Anyway, I just have been thinking lately… I just don’t want to deal with problems. As in people’s issues with me, if anyone does. Putting me down, making me more upset, assuming things about me… complete waste of energy.

As Gina said in an earlier comment, I don’t write every little thing about my life. Don’t assume I am sitting here doing nothing all day just bitching how my life sucks. Sure I tend to write about the bad things in my life, I probably should take the time to write about how lovely my son is and about the lovely Lammas cards I got from friends. I just tend to keep that stuff inside to savor it.

Robyn had me put up the page where I list all of my domain hosting services. Nothing fancy by far, and I still need to get the form in working order.

Hopefully with the impending holiday season arriving, more places will start hiring nearby. lol one of these days I will have a car and then I will have the ability to work all over!

Ok time to get some rest.

posted on August 16th 2004 at 5:17AM CDT

Sounds like you’ve been rather productive lately :)
Mmm, yes, my 2 year old nephew doesn’t say mine, but he loves to say “I need it”, no matter what “it” may be.  Cute the first 5 or 6 times, but after that…
People like that are most definitely a complete waste of energy.  You can’t assume you know a person inside and out just because you’ve read their blog a few times.  It’s like reading every other chapter of a book.

posted on August 16th 2004 at 5:56AM CDT

Aww, I’m so glad things are looking up!

posted on August 16th 2004 at 7:59PM CDT

Hey Sarah! That sounds great!!!!! I am so excited for you that things are starting to look up. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you in my prayers.
“Mine” sounds lovely =)

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