April 11th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

I am sad now, Ali and Jessica just left, with a loaf of just literally out of the oven banana nut bread I made. I had SO much fun while they were here and they helped SO much baby wise. Daniel had a blast, he slept FIVE hours last night then he nursed then slept until 4am then nursed then diaper change at 8am then nursed then slept, hes all awake now and perky.
Yesterday we went to the outlet mall in Pa. Got Daniel an outfit and Matt got one too. I got this intensive hair mask, since my hair is so freakin dry. Lemme tell you, my arm was KILLING me after carrying Daniel all over, have to love it, he ALWAYS wants to nurse as soon as we go outside, its the fresh air I swear! So I NIP for oh geez, at least 2 hours on and off, for the majority of our little trip. At least periodically there were benches for me, cause you can only stand and nurse and walk for so long before your body screams for back support *Size F, yes, F*
Geez, I have so many words flying in my head about this trip, like how Jessica did our nails so wonderful, or with Ali and the “kitty” , made ALL those data cds for them, now Jessica has the power of PSP and Photoshop, not to mention a million other programs, and music videos. Heh, and Ali’s tons of data cds with wwf videos and music…I wish they could have stayed longer!
I supposed that is it for now, I will try to blog some more later.

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