So I am sitting here reading CNN, when Dan (the plumber who refuses to do calls or even come in unless we pay for his gas money) starts up the following conversasion with me.

Dan so when are you leaving?
Me umm I always leave at 4 sometimes a bit after…
Dan no I mean when are you quitting this job
Me why would I quit this job? Besides I don’t make enough to just quit and not work
Dan oh well it’s just your job has such a high turnover rate
Me ummm ok well I’ve been here a year…
Dan yeah just was wondering

Then he prances off

I mean seriously WHAT THE FUCK was that all about? He is always telling me how “shitty” my job is, how “Bonnie” (the receptionist from like 2-3 years ago) did everything the way HE liked… um sorry you are NOT my superior.

Just ugh!