Dunno if y’all knew this but I am pro-breastfeeding. I don’t agree with formula for common usage, it should be left for those rare special cases where breastmilk can not be used/found/given to child. I feel that children should self wean. My son self weaned right as he turned 4 years old. I feel that America has sexualized the breasts so much (and to be honest America is really uncomfortable with sexuality in general) that women don’t realize what purpose their breasts are for. Only 1-3% of women can not breastfeed. The rest, in my eyes, either breastfeed or choose not to. Now what really pisses me off are the ones that do not breastfeed for invalid selfish reasons. Such as:

I don’t want saggy boobs omg! Well then don’t even get pregnant because my breasts sagged from pregnancy swelling them up 5 times their original size

My breasts are for my MAN Wow, so you would forsake the health of your child for a man’s (who also is forsaking the child’s health) sexual pleasure?

It will hurtttt! Not if you have a proper latch. Usually it takes practice to get and recognize a good latch, try the LLL, read books, call a Lactation Consultant

I was raised on formula and I’m just fine. For now perhaps, you haven’t lived out your entire life, women who were formula-fed as infants have higher rates of breast cancer as adults. For both premenopausal and postmenopausal breast cancer, women who were breastfed as children, even if only for a short time, had a 25% lower risk of developing breast cancer than women who were bottle-fed as infants. (from 101 Reasons

Read some more reasons to breastfeed and common excuses people use to not breastfeed.

Read 101 reasons to breastfeed.

It’s disturbing to me how people can get so very defensive about this topic. It makes me believe that the person has a lot of unresolved guilt for their parenting choices. If you make a parenting choice, stand by it, don’t attack other people because you are not secure as a parent.

I am emotional about this topic, so now I shall direct you to Heather’s awesome entry (loves on her) which has more stats and figures and such.

posted on April 6th 2006 at 7:02PM CDT

My mom breastfed all three of her children, and I hope to (in the very far future) breastfeed mine. I think it not only benefits the baby by supplying important proteins and nutrients they need, but it also seems to provide a good way to create a more physical bond between baby and mother.

I have a friend who doesn’t breastfeed, her daughter’s been on formula (she’s 4 mo. old now) since birth, just so she can smoke cigarettes and pot without worrying about her baby getting it in her system. It really irritates me, but I know I’m not one to tell her how she should do her job.

posted on April 6th 2006 at 11:41PM CDT

Just to be fair (and i don’t know why YOU attacked ME on someone else’s website)

I think it IS a good thing that you’re very involved in informing people about breast-feeding. It is definately something any woman needs to learn about before she brings a child into this world. But to criticize and tear down a person’s decision is a whole other thing.


Wyther Wyskers
posted on April 7th 2006 at 6:03AM CDT

I agree with your entry that breastfeeding is important. I had no idea that it was linked to various cancers though. Interesting.

posted on April 7th 2006 at 1:30PM CDT

In the end it’s the woman’s decision and no one should criticise someone else over the choices they make for themself and their child.

posted on April 7th 2006 at 1:34PM CDT

I think I would be pro-breastfeeding as well, though I am not a mother! Still, my mother breastfed us, and thank God, because it’s part of motherhood!

posted on April 8th 2006 at 12:50AM CDT

I think in the end it should be the parents choice regarding whether or not to breastfeed.  When I have children of my own I will breastfeed, but I think as long as the child is nourished and well looked after – then it’s all good.

Gorgeous site, btw.  I found you through Lavish.  :)

posted on April 8th 2006 at 7:49PM CDT

I totally agree with you. It’s also a special connection you have with your baby, rather than just giving it a bottle.

posted on April 9th 2006 at 4:39AM CDT

Interesting post :) I didn’t got breast feeding when I was a baby since I just refused to drink… Lately I’ve been wondering if I would give breast feeding to my future-child (in a couple of years) and I found this post really helpful :)

posted on April 9th 2006 at 3:49PM CDT

Well said! I plan on breast feeding, but the father said I would get saggy boobs. But I told him to shove it, and it will save us some money.

posted on April 10th 2006 at 11:56AM CDT

I agree. People shouldn’t sacrifice the well being of their kids for selfish reasons like that. If someone really cared and loved for their child they would do anything for them.

posted on April 10th 2006 at 8:31PM CDT

I completely agree with you about breastfeeding. I don’t have kids, but I never entertained the idea of not breastfeeding when I do.

King Echo
posted on April 10th 2006 at 9:22PM CDT

I agree with Whitney and LM. It should absolutely be a woman’s choice, and whether or not she is properly educated on the matter or not it is not something she should be made to feel guilty about- I mean, if she is not properly educated on it then she SHOULD be educated rather than criticized for even a SECOND. You don’t beat people up to ‘teach’ them, you have to do it with kindness and let them make up their own minds.

I have no children, but I’ve spoken on the topic with my mother… as far as I know each of her children (there are 5 of us) was different- I was breastfed for a short while but I mostly refused milk (formula and cow’s milk, didn’t ask specifically about breastmilk). By the time I was 5 months old she had me eating—her—food because she couldn’t get me to eat anything else and she was afraid I was going to starve, so my dad told her to try it out ~shrugs. This all came up because as a child I remember loathing milk. I found it to be completely disgusting, I don’t like ice creams where I can taste milk in them etc. even now as an adult I absolutely hate it. I was forced to drink milk or nothing as a child and would go without at meals because I just couldn’t drink it.

As far as my younger siblings, I am quite a bit older than them and have seen the differences myself- one was breastfed for a short time, so far they have been a very healthy kid, another was breastfed for quite a long time and is by far the least healthy of my mother’s 5 children having had many, many doctors visits for multiple problems, emergency room visits when problems spring up in the middle of the night and at least one surgery (I think maybe two but cannot recall) (me and my oldest brother were very healthy as kids, I’ve only gone to the hospital once and it was because it was in the middle of the night and my mother couldn’t find a doctor) a third was not breastfed at all really, maybe a few times, but was too premature and stayed in the hospital and was tiny and weak and could not consume enough milk quickly enough (took 30 minutes per two ounces) and is also extremely healthy, active, intelligent and by far the most affectionate child in our family. Rather than bonding primarily with my mother when they first got to come home (which took awhile for the baby) they bonded with me and my oldest brother as well since we took shifts with her in feeding the baby. It was wonderful to have my youngest new sibling gaze up at me while having meals.

If you make a parenting choice, stand by it, don