First off, I was woken out of a sound sleep at 1:30am with a raging migraine. So I stumbled around to find my pills and so I medicated myself and finally passed back out.

So I am at work, and my boss calls and starts getting ranty to me because a customer went psycho on her over the weekend. I remember the customer because he went off on me. He had work done in 1998 started having problems, called ANOTHER company and they are digging up his yard. NOW he says that OUR work from 1998 is the cause of the problem and an appointment was set up last Wednesday for Chris to go out there and verify it wasn’t our pipe. Well apparently Chris didn’t go. The guy NEVER called the office back so I never knew Chris didn’t go. So back to this morning. She is ranty on me that the guy said I was “extremely rude” when I asked him for his work order number. Umm not only was the work done in 1998 and like everything is paper based and organized by work order number but I KNOW I am NEVER rude!! So then he claims I rescheduled him for Saturday! Um NO!! I never schedule NON paid work on Saturdays (like stopping by, estimates, etc are NON PAID WORK) and so then he went off about police and all sorts of crap to my boss. So I am telling her. NO he did not make an appointment for Saturday and so on and then shes all “well whatever happened Joe (owner) will be going today” it drives me NUTS that she NEVER takes my side. Even when the customer is screaming and cussing at HER she just assumes I fucked up somehow!

So yeah, not even 30 minutes into my work day.