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Uh… people… as much as I adore comments and trust me I do adore them… when in an entry I say:

“Oh and those popping by for the commenting spree which is all mighty good, please don?t just do random ?cool layout? comments, I would adore you and love you forever if you actually read my entries and make a wee comment actually pertaining to the entry!”

I pretty much mean it.

I should be sleeping since we have to get up early tomorrow. Daniel and I are tagging along with my sister to her work. So that I am able to get shoes for my new job. Yay for a sister who is an assistant manager at a shoe store. This means though I will be stuck in Gurnee Mills Mall for 5 hours. Plus the one hour ride to and fro. Yeah I will be bringing the stroller, a book, and a lot of water. Too bad I don’t know of anyone who could hang out with me up there!

I still would love any suggestions for projects or in general for OSN! I would love you so much if you joined Wisdom! Yes I am looking for a bunch more hostees!

Bleh I am yawning but I just… don’t want to sleep. It’s been such a stressful week. I am freaked about working.

Daniel is getting more teeth… bottom eyeteeth it feels like. He almost has all of his teeth… he will be 19 months old on Saturday.

“I do it for the love…”

Seriously… I am rambling.

posted on August 7th 2003 at 4:45AM CDT

hello :P thanks for commenting at my site! Hope you get the shoes and its cool to have family working at stores then you can get discounts and all. Well take care.

posted on August 7th 2003 at 10:20AM CDT

Gurnee Mills, not far from me at all only like 45 – 60 minutes but I’m booked for today and I don’t shop!

posted on August 7th 2003 at 11:09AM CDT

Awww thanks a lot for commenting back on my site, that was reeeeeally nice of you :)  And thanks for the advice! I went down to this little shop downtown and picked up some lavendar essence. I coudln’t find vanilla, so I’m planning to wear vanilla lip gloss and have lavendar next to me when I sleep tonight. Thanks a lot! I’ll let you know how it works out :D

And I get annoyed at people who ONLY say “ok, nice layout, bye!” as well! It gets reeeeeeeeeally irritating after the first time -_-;; I understand how you feel though, it really bothers me too, sometimes. Wow, your board is reeeeally nifty @_@ I think I’ll go join later!

Have a jolly good day (err…night, I suppose) :)

much love ~ cary

posted on August 7th 2003 at 2:54PM CDT

that sucks you have to stay that long! but hooray for shoes! lol i looked at shoes yesterday and i want 3 new ones, but i had no money :-(

posted on August 7th 2003 at 6:00PM CDT

wow..beautiful layout :) yup, i hate those people who just say “cool layout k ttyl bye!” yay i wanna go shopping..5 hours? wow i’d die lol i can’t walk for that long :P

posted on August 8th 2003 at 3:03AM CDT

i know what you mean about the random commenting.. have a good time with your sister n getting your shoes :D shoes rule xx

posted on August 8th 2003 at 11:29AM CDT

Hey Sarah! I love the layout, it’s gorgeous, and I love how it looks like clouds wrote One Starry Night in the sky, it’s so pretty. Very peaceful. My god sisters baby will be 5 weeks old on Saturday! I love babies. His name Chandler. But anyway..have fun at the mall for 5 hours..I dont know how you can stand it..xox

posted on August 8th 2003 at 11:51AM CDT

mehh.. i hate when people say cool layout.. i know i do it sometimes.. but its usually when i dont know what else to say to their blog.. meh.. yay for sisters who work at shoe stores!! lol i need some new shoes. and thanxs for the email on how u did the stars

Angel Whispers
posted on August 8th 2003 at 12:18PM CDT

Just popping in to say that I hope things go well for you on your first day of work!  I know you were nervous about it.  Let us know how it goes!  :o)

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