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Uhhh… question, do all kids between the ages of 13-19 think so very lowly of their parents? As in to call them bitches, liers, etc? I have been reading a lot of blogs today, and seriously, some of these kids…. they don’t have ANY clue how hard it is to be a parent, and bitch ‘n moan how their parents don’t give them money, cars, how they don’t let them out past 9pm on a school night, how they actually want to KNOW where their child will be, etc.

That probably made no sense… but geez… it was bothering me.

As I prance off to put the diapers into the dryer…

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posted on May 25th 2003 at 2:46AM CDT

I think all kids go through that…(I did but I also went through a lot of abuse from my mother) but once they have kids they realize just how hard it is.

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posted on May 25th 2003 at 8:33AM CDT

I don’t think all kids go through it. Because I know if I did I would’ve been sorry. But I never would have wanted to – I’ve always had so much respect for my parents, especially my mother. I have no qualms about saying that I was a good kid.

I think it’s just today’s society and children taking the idea that “I can do anything I want” to the extreme. Their role models are the trashy teenybopper artists who think it’s “cute” to wear next-to-nothing. It’s promoting children to have a lesser standard of morals, of respect than kids used to have. And it’s a damn shame.