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I became interested in a Kodak 110 film camera at a relatively young age. I took it everywhere with me! Once I became a pre-teen, I upgraded to a 35mm film camera and took it everywhere. I only wish I still had the photos.

I want to capture a moment… freeze time.

I became more serious about it after digital cameras came out because it simply was more affordable and gave me instant gratification!

Color and textures. I think it’s why I’m drawn to macro photography so much because I love seeing that finer detail, like the edges of an Autumn leaf or a droplet on a blade of grass. I also vastly prefer to shoot in the late afternoon light.

I do want to work more on my people photography skills.

Ahh, the glory days! Really I think I just got frustrated with the ebb and flow of it. It would be super mega busy one year and the next… dead for 12 straight months. I also got overwhelmed by keeping it fresh and updated with all of the various projects while I was working full-time and being a single mom back then.

100% my grandmother. We lived with her for many years, and not only did she cook amazing meals from scratch almost every night but taught me how to cook as well. I can do pretty much anything.

I really developed a passion for great fresh ingredients, and to this day, I’d much instead source our food from my own garden, local farms, and farmer’s markets than from the grocery store.

Have a question for me? Contact me and let me know!

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