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The best forum for photography! I’ve been a lifetime member since 2010. It’s a fantastic place to connect with other photographers, from those just picking up a camera for the first time to complete professionals.

They also include a Member Perks Library that includes editing demos, free presets, shooting videos, and more. I can’t recommend it enough.

This is an excellent app for editing photos and videos. Not just with filters, although they have plenty of those, but also with effects like light flares and color fogs. It also lets you fine-tune with curves and HSL.

General Website

I couldn’t recommend them enough for a web host! Stable, speedy servers, crazy fast support, and all the latest features like free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. You should never have to pay for SSL certificates. It’s the standard nowadays to have one, even for the most basic one-page site.

Clicky is my preferred analytics software! It’s easier to use than Google Analytics and offers many more features. They also provide fantastic support.

If you love Pinterest, you will LOVE this tool! You can schedule your pins, which many services can do, but this one determines the best times to pin.

What does this mean? It means you can gain a wider audience and even more followers. It also comes with a browser plugin and phone app, so you can easily add posts or photos to your queue.

This is a URL shortening service that, if you have one, lets you use your custom short URL! If not, it uses it’s own short URL and allows you to give it a custom name.

For example, my “Buy Me A Coffee” link would be huge but with Bitly, it’s bit.ly/OSNcoffee. That’s much easier to remember and to share with others.

It also has analytics to see how many times a link has been clicked and from where.

WordPress Plugins

This plugin is not just social share buttons (although those are freaking awesome), but this plugin also does custom click-to-tweet buttons, allows you to upload unique images for Pinterest and other social networks, and even share count recovery!

That last feature is terrific if you change domain names!

This is the plugin I am using in my footer area and sidebar to display my Instagram photos. It has every customization option you can think of. One of my absolute favorites!

They have a limited free version, but the premium version is hands down the best. They have four purchase tiers, so you can get what fits your site.

You can do absolutely anything with this plugin, including accepting payments, conditional logic (a personal fav), connections with your email list provider, and so much more!

The drag-and-drop interface is super easy to work with too.

The BEST caching plugin I have ever worked with! If you want a fast-loading site, this is the plugin for you.

If you photos in your blog posts, you need to optimize them. What does that mean?

Optimizing a photo reduces the file size dramatically without compromising on quality. This translates to much faster loading times for your readers and less drag on your server.

Imagify is my favorite because it’s so easy, you can customize which sizes to optimize, and it can even do your theme files as well!

They have a suite of amazing plugins for WordPress!

My personal favorites are Tasty Recipes & Tasty Links.

WPForms is a great contact form plugin.

With form templates, a drag-and-drop editor, all sorts of add-ons for payment processing and connection to your opt-in forms, this plugin is a must-have!


“With Brightland, you know exactly what you’re getting – authentic olive oils and vinegars that are never rotten, over-processed, or fraudulent. With absolutely no fillers or artificial preservatives.”

The absolute best olive oil! If I had to recommend just one, it would be the basil oil. It’s a summer staple around here!

I love coffee. From drip to pulling my own espresso shots. And this is some really good coffee.

My favorite is their Espresso Roast Coffee blend. It really does taste like strawberries!


I need to track my food for a variety of reasons. Partially because I forget to eat, and also due to having hypothyroidism I need to monitor my intake.

I’ve found WW is the best tracker, for me. It’s simple, intuitive, and I don’t have to worry about tracking every radish, lettuce leaf, or strawberry.

I know it sounds a bit… out there… to love a dental floss, but this truly is the absolute best floss!

It’s thick and grippy, has amazing flavors, and best of all? My dentist has said that I have perfect gums, which I believe is due to using this dental floss every night, without fail.

I love this pill organizer because it fits everything I take in a day. I love that I only have to fill it once a week, it makes it much easier for me to manage.

I take on average, 7 pills when I wake up and 16 before bed (prescriptions & supplements). It fits them all, including my fish oil.


I LOVE INA! I have for years and years!

I have almost all of her cookbooks, I have watched all of her shows and interviews. She’s fantastic!

Her recipes are tried and true. You follow her directions? You’ll never fail. Just amazing.

I’ve been a fan of Lisa of Downshiftology for years. Her YouTube videos are so helpful and informative. It helps that her style of cooking is similiar to my own!

Such a helpful cookbook to help you prep for the week without being stuck in the rut of eating the same meal over and over.

If you like supernatural fiction that can make you laugh out loud, gives a great mystery, and make you cry, then the October Daye series is perfection.

Both my twin sister and I love this series!


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