Below are some of my favorite tools and resources. Some of the links are affiliate links however, I wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t love and use myself! This page will be updated often.

The Backend

SiteGround – for a web host I couldn’t recommend them enough! I even wrote a whole post about them! Stable fast servers, crazy fast support, and all the latest features like free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt!

FeedPress – I love numbers and tracking. So what’s better than a service that tracks my RSS feed readers! It’s nice having that metric to see what services my readers use the most (in my case it would be Feedly and BlogLovin) and overall seeing how many subscribers I have. It also has a WordPress plugin you can use to make sure people are using the correct feed URL.

Clicky – is my preferred analytics software! It’s a lot easier to use than Google Analytics and offers a lot more features. It has far superior bot and spam prevention, which is invaluable to me.


Social Warfare – not just social share buttons (although those are freaking awesome) but this plugin also does custom click to tweet buttons, allows you to upload special images for Pinterest and other social networks, and even share count recovery! That last feature is amazing if you switch from HTTP to HTTPS (like I’ve done) or even switched domain names!

Instagram Feed – is the plugin I am using in my footer area and sidebar to display my Instagram photos. It has every single customization option you can think of not only for the information displayed but how it looks as well! One of my absolute favorites!

WP Rocket – the BEST caching plugin I have ever worked with! I know people recommend W3 Total Cache but that is bloated, clunky, overwhelming, and you can easily break a site if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Tailwind – if you love Pinterest you will LOVE this tool! You can schedule your pins, which a lot of services can do but this one actually figures out the best times to pin. What does this mean? It means you can gain a wider audience and even more followers. It also comes with a browser plugin and phone app so you can easily add posts or photos you come across to your queue. Ah, there’s just too many features to go into here! You will get your first 100 pins for FREE when you sign up!

Bitly – is a URL shortening service that, if you have one, lets you use your own custom short URL! It also has analytics so you can see how many times a link has been clicked and from where.

Canva – don’t want to purchase Photoshop? Canva is mostly free (you can purchase premium fonts and images as low as $1 USD) but allows you to make literally any type of graphic you need, even templates (which is perfect if you want a consistent look across your social media images)!