Sarah helped me switch my blog to a new platform and I couldn’t be happier. She was so easy to work with, quick to respond to questions (and I had SO many!), and the work was completed in no time at all. She offered helpful advice and was thoughtful in her replies to me. I would highly recommend Sarah. Thanks again!!

Working with Sarah was such a pleasure! Not only was she easy to work with, she was also very patient with me.

It took me three months to prepare myself to have Sarah complete my transfer project. She answered all of my questions every step of the way, even though I hadn’t made a decision either way.

Sarah was the ultimate professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. She did an amazing job with such a quick turnaround that I was kicking myself for not contracting her sooner.

Thank you so much Sarah! Can’t wait for the next chance to work with you again.


I hired Sarah for WordPress installation and to transfer my blog from Blogger to WordPress after hearing my friend rave about her services time and time again.

Sarah was so lovely to work with! She let me know what I needed to purchase and made recommendations based on her experience, which I really appreciated. She also answered all my silly questions, not just pertaining to WordPress, but to other services I needed to purchase before she got started.

My transfer was done three days early, and Sarah emailed me to let me know so immediately. I will absolutely, most definitely use Sarah’s services again in the future if the need ever arises!

I’ve been working with Sarah for about five years now and she is always my first go-to when I need something for my site. Even when it’s something not normally listed in her services, Sarah is quick to respond and always figures out a way to customize my site just the way I want it. She is quick in her communication and always keeps you up to date on what she is working on.

Sarah is like my secret weapon when it comes to maintaining and updating my site.


Sarah was SO great to work with. She was quick to finish the work, answered all my questions promptly and made my new website look great!!

Danielle Elwood

I have been using Sarah for a little over three years for all my blogging needs. She is quick, efficient, and a flat out design genius. Any idea I have for my site, she can carry out without issue. I highly recommend Sarah. Two huge thumbs up from this lifelong client!

My blog had been running for years and started having many hiccups and no matter which mobile plug-in I tried, I couldn’t make it mobile friendly, then I found Sarah!

She’s SOOO fast and knowledgeable. Before I knew it, she had transferred my blog over to a more affordable hosting service, swapped themes and changed the colors and layout of my site. A job that I was prepared to wait a while to be complete, was insanely done in a day and a half! The only reason it took that long was because we were waiting on the hosting transfer to complete.

Sarah is now my 100% website issue-Go-To! No reason for me to spend hours trying to figure something out when Sarah can have it fixed in no time at all! If you have any type of site issues or want to liven up your site or need a site check up, don’t hesitate to contact her because your site is 100% safe in her hands!