April 11th 2003 / 1 minute to read

Daniel is now napping, I still have the headache, although it is a wee bit better, not by much. I am starting to think it is sinus related… perhaps from the weather changing so dramatically the past few days?

I donated a few of my past designs to Little-Hands, so check them out, share in the love. I do sets for LH all of the time, it is a great way to get a design I’ve had on OSN in the past. I have a couple more I need to code. Perhaps I will do that if chubs naps a bit longer.

I’ve finally been writing cards to people, real mail, so send me your address if you want real mail from me! I have horrid handwriting though, since I type way more than hand writing things heh.

Hmm, not much else going on… Voice just got a few new members, join Wisdom heh, hmm, I think that is it for now!

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Glad you’re feeling a bit better.  Some good mint tea steeped and steaming beneath your nose is a lovely way to help loosen sinuses!  Enjoy the wonderful weather!

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