Quickly, here are some random shots from well… technically last night while I was over at Kat’s. We had a blast! Later on today though, I am supposed to go to the city to the finally reopened farmer’s market with my sister and then to a bunch of garage sales. Anyway, here are the photos!

osn photo

osn photo

This is the entrance to my favorite Chinese restaurant in Niles.
osn photo

Kat shot these next two photos!
osn photo

osn photo

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posted on May 19th 2007 at 6:15AM CST

Oh! love the first one! and i found this little thing that looks like you ;) it shines!

posted on May 19th 2007 at 11:02AM CST

I love your work. The pictures are fantastic!
Greetings, Mariana Cuentos.

posted on May 19th 2007 at 1:50PM CST

I love your camera, not to mention your photography skills.  Awesome, awesome.

Chien Yee
posted on May 20th 2007 at 2:25AM CST

I love your photography skills :)

posted on May 20th 2007 at 6:23PM CST

You did an amazing job as always!  And Kat’s second shot is awesome… I really like it!

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