Clarins Ombre Minerale Mono Eyeshadow in Auburn

August 16th 2013 / 1 minute to read




Just a quick swatch today because every time I wear this eyeshadow, I forget to take a photo!

I LOVE IT! The formula is soft and creamy and not too powdery. It makes my eyes more green (I technically have hazel eyes) and it’s one of those “one shadow” looks. I can use this all over the lid and into the crease and it looks awesome!

I really want to buy a few more of the Clarins Ombre Minerale Mono Eyeshadow… but still debating on which color to purchase next.

Price: $21
Where to Buy:

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Amanda Jillian


Reply to Amanda Jillian

It’s sooo pretty in person too!

Amanda Jillian

I bet!

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I want to see it ON YOUR FACE! (in yo’ face, Sarah! Hah!) :)

It looks really pigmented for “nude” against your skin. Very pretty color.

Oh yes, I LOVE the formula on it. It’s very pigmented and soft.

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