Early Autumn Photos

October 20th 2015 / 1 minute to read

Finally getting back into shooting photos again. Feeling like a beginner!

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Ahhhh! I love these! The light, the depth of field!!! So glad that you got some awesome shots at the gardens.

Reply to Amanda

Thank you! I wish we had gone earlier as it was pretty dark by the time we got there, but overall I think I did ok.

Nice! I particularly like the second one of the hanging candle.

Thank you! There was a wedding and they had so many lights and candles (both real and as in the photo, battery candles). I thought it was so pretty!


so pretty :D i wish my photos came out that good. do you do your own editing or use pre-made actions? teach me your ways Senpai!!

Reply to Jenny

Thank you! I go back and forth. I shoot RAW so I have to process them but generally I just bump up the warmth.

For RAW presets I like the Clickin Mom’s –

I’ve had them forever and if I use a preset, it’ll most likely be Citrine.

I love them! So lovely!

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