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Jodi Hall

Love your orange shot :)

Reply to Jodi Hall

Thank you! It’s very much a favorite of mine out of the photos I shot this Autumn.

The Flavor Blue

Orange is my favorite! Great picture :) Hope you’re feeling better!

Reply to The Flavor Blue

Thank you! I am actually, cold wise anyway. Still getting migraine after migraine. Right now my pills are actually working so hopefully I’ll be ok today lol.

Life with Kaishon

What beautiful pictures : )
I love your little ‘about me’ blurb.
I don’t really know what attachment parenting is.
I should google it ; )

Reply to Life with Kaishon


Beautiful colours – I think my favourite is the orange one.

That is one of my favorites too!


Love the red one :)

Reply to Damita

Thank you!!

These are gorgeous Sarah, I’m totally blown away by the first one, the focus is just dreamy.

It’s been great having you take part in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge, we’ve had such an awesome time hosting, thank you!

Thank you! I love the tone and light in the yellow photo, it really did come out the way I wanted it to!

These photos are just beautiful!!

Thank you so much Jenn!

Gorgeous, every one! I love the trees… think it’s my fave pic of the three.

Aw thank you so much!


LOVE IT! would you link it?

Thank you so much Traci!

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

Absolutely gorgeous! I hope you are selling these somehow!

TY for the well wishes on Ailia’s arrival! :)

Reply to Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

LOL thank you so much momma of TWO now! I’ve never sold a photo, wouldn’t even know how to go about doing that actually.

Sarah, your photography is always so freaking amazing. I just love coming here and seeing your nature shots. Thanks so much for joining us in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge, even if only for part of it. You are seriously talented.

On an unrelated note…I can’t wait to see your makeup photos!!! lol Oh, and have I ever mentioned that you were one of my first bloggy friends? True story. ;)

Thank you! LOL I did not know that! That’s freaking awesome! I’m going to get the makeup post done in the next few days… waiting for my two new Urban Decay palettes to come in the mail (the 15th Anniversary and Naked 2). I think they might even arrive today (looking at the tracking now) which would be super exciting!

I’d probably take new photos of ALL my makeup too if I get energy… time… and good light.

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