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james r.
posted on April 17th 2008 at 12:37PM CST

I really like the second one, Sarah. There’s a feeling of hope to it. Take care.

posted on April 18th 2008 at 9:31AM CST

I’m sending you my best wishes.

The turtle shot is amazing. He looks as if he’s about to face the world. And I think he’s saying to himself, “Bring it on”. =)

posted on April 18th 2008 at 4:40PM CST

Gorgeous, as always. Spring is here, get your ass outside and take some more. Oh, and feel better immediately <3

posted on April 20th 2008 at 6:29PM CST

Those photos are lovely. And I’m really sorry about your grandmother.

posted on April 23rd 2008 at 10:35PM CST

I love the turtle one! The turtle is cute and the picture is beautiful. Well actually all three of them are beautiful as usual.

posted on April 26th 2008 at 1:14PM CST

Really lovely, and especially the turtle, is my fav.
Also, i hope you are much better now..

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