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I have no clue what to get Daniel for the holidays and for his upcoming birthday in January. He loves things like trains, cars, trucks, etc. Maybe a train set? I would love some suggestions!!!

He is too cute lately, he points out every single school bus “school bus!!”, he helps clean, helps cook, I can’t wait to do all the holiday baking this year, I bought a ton of sprinkles… SPRINKLES!!

I have issues today.

Daniel was having his LaLa (teletubby) nurse first last night before him so I see that as… SHARING!! He also takes my yellow umm I guess cleaning gloves? New pair, and wears them on his feet so he can be a duck. He loves ducks.

What is better? Wood or plastic toys?  I know for sure I am going to knit him a hat, gloves, scarf, maybe a sweater.

I completely slept in today, I don’t get much sleep during the week so I am very happy it is a Saturday lol.

Uh yeah going to now eat and drink something to wake up a touch more!

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posted on November 20th 2004 at 8:30PM CST

Aww that is too cute!! Especially the duck thing. I remember when my nephew was about that age and discovered trains, all he wanted that year was trains trains trains. About plastic vs. wood..plastic most of the time looks coolest but breaks faster especially with rowdy little boys, wood seems to be more sturdy or that is how it was/is with my neice and nephew but with me not being a mother you may want a second opinion lol.

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posted on November 21st 2004 at 12:14AM CST

Wood is definitely better than plastic. I’ve actually returned some of KJ’s plastic toys and bought her wooden ones instead. :) They’re more durable, too.

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posted on November 23rd 2004 at 12:40AM CST

At that age, we got our son a ‘My First LeapPad’ which he ADORED. I highly recommend it.