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Beautiful!  I love all of them, especially the one with the water and you can see a little bit of a rainbow in it.

Reply to Jenn

Lovely.  I, too, love the rainbow picture.

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well.

Reply to Janet

spidey, goddess, and low level mafia figure at the mall?
explain the first photo please.

Reply to john

Beautiful, as always. Theraflu and Benadryl with lots of liquids!


Oh, that one of the water with the rainbow is so beautiful. Lovely work, as usual.

Reply to Arielle

I love the orange of the final picture… So amazing!

I hope you feel better soon

Reply to Sarah

lovely divine beautiful photos and who is that cute boy gorgeous green eyes!?!?

Reply to angela

Those are really nice pictures! Especially the second one, he has rally nice eyes (:
Hope you feel better! Everyone seems to be feeling ill at the moment :S

Reply to Becky

Hi Sarah! I have a question for you..

I just got a Nikon D40x and don’t really have anything to carry it around in. I have a handbag which it fits in but i’m concerned about it getting damaged in there with all my other stuff.

I was just wondering how you transported your camera? :)

Reply to Sarah

I don’t know much, but I do know what good photography is. Yours is the epitome of it.

Reply to Brent

Wow, your photos are beautiful!

Reply to Caitlin

I stumbled across your Flickr stream, which caught my attention, and after perusing some of your photos, I arrived here.

These are some amazing shots. You have a great eye, and a talent for capturing what you see. The sense of depth in these is great!

Call me a new subscriber. So, you best keep blogging!  =)

Reply to jerry

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