March 19th 2003 / 1 minute to read

I noticed a ton of people still have me linked at musings.osn so if you are one of those people, pretty please change it to!

And again… newness design wise. I am trying very hard to… get into denial? At the very least to not dwell on my problems. I am just very sad how Matt claimed he wanted to be updated on our child… his development and what not, yet does not make any effort to contact me to ask how his son is doing.

Which by the way, Daniel has a new tooth! Bottom molar. No wonder he was so fussy the past 2 days!

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wow. this looks great. :)

Reply to jenna

i love the new layout at onestarrynight.. and thats great that daniel has a new tooth.. he is growing up fast..

Reply to sarah

I loff the colors. As soon as I saw the blue my eyes just lit up – it’s my favorite color. It all goes together so well.

And I know how Chubs feels – I’m currently in wisdom tooth hell. But congrats to him! :)

Reply to Kristin

I love the new layout!  I really like the quote! Congrats on the new tooth Daniel!!!  =o)

Reply to Keli

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