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Thank you everyone for the emotional support.

Some of you may remember I was going through this last summer. During that time I spent hours on the phone trying to find a way to get this situation tolerable. At the time I was given a lot of ‘net work and I was able to work at the mall (my father took the car that was given to us and got rid of his old car but took me to work, I had to normally have my sister pick me up or beg a co-worker to take me home which sometimes could cost up to $20 for “gas” fees… lovely co-workers.. really) but then he stopped taking me or taking me very late and it caused a lot of problems.

Anyway, Matt is going to be on the phone for a few hours tomorrow seeing what is hiring and finding a way to get to these places to apply. It’s hard because we don’t have a single friend in the area.

I am also going to see if I can’t get the phone bill down, if I can get it so I have a basic phone line to recieve calls that might alleviate some of the costs, I never talk on the phone anyways and my sister and I just use our webcams to chat every few days and I talk to everyone else via IM.

Onto other topics heh, my sleep is still very messed up, I went to sleep around 6:30p, woke at 11p went back to bed at midnight, got up for good around 3:45a or so. Stress is not conductive to good sleeping lol.

I have a bunch of hostee applications piling up but I am waiting to hear back from a few current hostees and I don’t know, I am sort of stressed out in general hostee wise. I’m not sure why exactly.

Still hoping for a couple more beta testers for a pagan journaling community we are setting up for Pagan@Osn.

There is so much weird energy in the air, I am starting to think it has something to do with the upcoming blue moon / sabbat. I wonder if anyone else is feeling it?

I’ve cut down slightly, just a wee bit, on soda consumption. I actually drank a weeeee bit of water yesterday. It’s a start! I need motivation though heh, years of drinking soda is a hard habit to break.

I am trying very hard to have at least my morning not be horrid.

Wee chublet went back to sleep on the bed, he is all sprawled out, he woke up, ate a waffle, watched some food/home shows, then passed right back out. It’s funny, say Matt is in the living room, I am in here, so I go “MAAAATTTTT” in pretty much the highest sonic level voice possible, well wee chublet here mocks me! He giggles and goes “MATTTTTTTT” only 80 times louder than I could ever do it. My son. Mocks. Me.

Hmm, I suppose that is it for now as I listen to my 1000+ mp3s and this is after deleting a few hundred heh, and zone out until chubs wakes up for the day.

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posted on July 25th 2004 at 10:39AM CDT


I haven’t received anything from you in a bit. I hope I didn’t miss something that required a response.

Sorry you’re stressed about the hostee situation. Not sure why but am sure you have reason. 

Hope things look up soon for you!

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posted on July 25th 2004 at 11:50AM CDT

kind of makes me feel bad to see you say you “don’t have a single friend in the area”.

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posted on July 25th 2004 at 5:03PM CDT

Yea… basically the same as barb… did I miss anything hostee wise? I hope I didnt. I hope you find a good job outthere… I would refer you to something if you were near me.

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posted on July 25th 2004 at 7:50PM CDT

I hope something comes up for you real soon.

I know what you mean about the soda habit, I’m trying to kick it myself, unfortunately there’s no 12 step program for us soda addicts ;)

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posted on July 26th 2004 at 11:15AM CDT

Wow it’s really hard to believe that someone with so much talent like yourself is having a difficult time getting by. Don’t worry. Things will look up soon.

Oh and I hope I didn’t neglected my hostee responsibilities.

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posted on July 26th 2004 at 9:42PM CDT

I know how you feel about the soda. I tried to cut back too but that only lasted like a week and then I found out that the new Pepsi edge has 1/2 the calories and tastes the same. lol.

Anyway, good luck with the job hunt, I’m in the same boat.