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May 21st 2012 / 2 minutes to read

Just a list post on the little tweaks I’ve made around here!

  • Changed the sidebar blurb and included a recent photo
  • Revamped my About Page
  • Added a Link Back page with different sized buttons/badges
  • Added Recent Posts and Recent Tweets to the sidebar
  • Added the most popular searches over the past 30 days to the sidebar
  • Went through all 2,000+ posts and put them in their proper category
  • Changed my Contact Page to include instant messaging names
  • Been trying to use Google Plus more for OSN
  • Added a mobile version, just view on your iDevice or mobile phone!
  • Cleaned up my links page which is rather small at the moment
  • Added related post thumbnails (NOT linkwithin lol) to the footer of posts on the home page and on single post pages
  • Removed the PageNavi plugin and changed the navigational links to “Older” and “Newer”
  • Still continuing my goal of responding to every comment left on OSN!
  • Considering taking sponsor ads for bloggers and small businesses, would anyone be interested?
  • Being more active on Klout
  • Removed TweetMeme and replaced it with the official Twitter button
  • Added a page with all of my recent Instagram photos
  • I’ll be doing a giveaway later this week. I’ll be designing and giving away a custom theme and social media icons (value $180).
  • Remember to subscribe to my RSS Feed!

I think that’s it… I’m sure there’s more but I tend to do a lot and forget about it!

What would YOU like to see at OSN both in a general sense and post content?

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You’re making me want to go and make some changes myself lol. I was thinking of adding some tags and maybe a related posts plugin or something. I need to spruce my new look up badly before I get bored of it.

I really should do tags but… over 2,000 posts sort of puts that on the back burner LOL!

Everything looks great! …the popular searches make me howl with laughter still. It would be cool if you had a gallery page of your most recent non-instagram photos- your nature shots, photos of your children, etc. I’ve loved your photography since day 1 – Your pictures have always inspired me to get out and take more of my own. You’re brilliant!

I KNOW RIGHT! I will put a gallery up of photos just for you this week!


I love it. It’s so colorful! Just in time for summer! :)

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

Yay thank you!!


I really love all the changes! It makes me want to do the same with my blog and be generally more active as a blogger. I do wish I had the talent, time and dedication to really be able to customize like you and others have. Beautiful job! :)

Reply to Mika

Thank you! If it helps, it really doesn’t take me much time. Once I get an idea in my head I can generally implement it fairly quickly. For me it’s figuring out what not only I want, but what do visitors want as well!

I love how OSN is shaping up. I was poking around last night and noticed some of the new changes. I love the colors and the nice, simple look. :)

I would LOVE a custom design from you. I’ll be entering that giveaway for sure! :)

Thank you! I figure it’s the best for Summer, I’ll probably go all out for Autumn as I normally do LOL!

Oh that’d be great! I’m terrified like only 2 people will enter the giveaway!


Love the colors of this new look! I’m interested in sponsoring! I love OSN and your photography, especially the flowers. ;) You inspire me and that’s why I bought my own cam, too. ;) I would definitely join the giveaway! ;)

Reply to arvee

Awww thank you!!!

I just wanted to say that the colors you use on your blog are seriously delicious. Love it, love your whole design really.

Thank you so much! My past few designs have been much more muted, which I suppose was appropriate for the seasons lol, but I really wanted something that popped for late spring/summer!


everything looks great :) and very lively! i have been trying to redesign my blog but i just give up at this point lol. and you should totally try the sponsor thing. i’m not having the best luck with it but you’re more popular then i am so… :P

ROCK ON! ♥ PS: gonna enter your giveaway :P must has you redo my site!

Reply to Jenny

Thank you! LOL I don’t think I’m more popular at all (not stat wise for sure!). The giveaway starts tomorrow!

Jodi Hall

Love all the new changes to your blog :)

Reply to Jodi Hall

Thanks Jodi!


I love all of it and love how anal you are about your blog : ) Youre beautiful btw.

Reply to Veronica

LOL thank you!

Wow, it looks really really good. Neat and clean and colorful. I will definitely enter the giveaway. As the others have said, it makes me want to go make changes to my own blog :)

Thank you! The giveaway starts tomorrow.


I really like it! Too bad you have so many posts that it would take 10 years, cause it would be cool to have tags for random post hunting. Still, though, I really like it!

Reply to Holli

LOL right! I figure the search feature and the archives page is good enough for now!

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