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Well a princess of ROE IMed and said all the “die” sprite stuff should halt its a nice gesture but ehhh i will believe it when I see it. on another note i made blinky things!!! I shall post one here but which to pick!!!!!

I did a bunch of them thrilling I know oh and I’m so happy that people are signing the guestbook!! So sign the guestbook *bats eyelashes* I am also going to put up what I have so far for the LJS clique OH OH i did the LJS rooms for Imagine well the avs aren’t up since I haven’t gotten that part done but the rest is and I added a Rainbow Brite room so Palace goers go to Dare to Imagine and check it out!! Well I am gonna go back on palace and chill a bit….hahahaha I hope my blinky things are cool!!!

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