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I am so fucking sick of dealing with people on the ‘net. Maybe it’s because I am realising that some portions of my site are pranced to by OmG KeWlIeZ TeEnZ who think they are adults. When I was that age, I never acted like a complete brat and know it all.

Really, this isn’t specific to one person or well anything specific.

I just need to review OSN and get rid of what isn’t working for me. I’ve had this domain over THREE YEARS now. I am sick of being associated with some things and pissed because I am not associated with other things.

I am so sure this makes no sense to anyone.

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posted on July 12th 2004 at 6:07AM CDT

Yeah I’m starting to get annoyed with people too.  And the net has caused too much stress and taken up too much time lately.  Urgh.

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posted on July 12th 2004 at 10:58AM CDT

Ahhh, don’t take the net too personally, hardly worth the while!  Change is never a bad thing though so go for it!

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posted on July 13th 2004 at 11:18AM CDT

I feel the frustration!  But there are those who love your site very much, and that always over rides all of those who annoy :)  Best of luck with the revising :)