Photos from The Grove in Glenview

March 19th 2010 / 1 minute to read

Some photos I shot the other day when the weather was just so lovely!

Still, I can’t wait until everything is green, lush, and blooming again. All of this brown lifeless plant life is driving me crazy!







I also think I am in a blogging rut, any suggestions?

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Very lovely dear :)

Reply to Keeshia

Thank you! We went because:

  • #1. Free!
  • #2. Close by
  • #3. My sister is going to have her wedding there
  • #4. Refer to #1!

Wow, the blues in the sky and water are absolutely breathtaking. Lovely! As for blogging ruts, I tend to pull stories and such from my past and blog about more generalized topics rather than things going on in my daily life. I hope you feel better soon. <3

Reply to Caity

Thank you! I think part of my issue is I don’t talk ENOUGH about a personal or even daily life, I always feel like I need to have a specific topic in mind… go figure!

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