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posted on August 18th 2008 at 7:05AM CDT

Sarah, this is absolutely beautiful.

posted on August 20th 2008 at 12:16AM CDT

Your photography always makes me wonder where you find these amazing flowers.

posted on August 22nd 2008 at 11:32AM CDT

Wow. Breathtaking Sarah, beautiful!

posted on September 10th 2008 at 4:15PM CDT

From what I’ve seen so far, you have some very nice photos here – I look forward to digging further back into your archives, and you can consider yourself as good as linked :)

The picture for this particular entry is a real attention-grabber … I like the coolness of the colors, this has a way of crisply capturing the delicateness of the subject, and lends a very quiet tone to the picture when combined with the solid black background.