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Seriously, Angel cracks me up like no other.

It’s been a hard day. Things got better. I made a semi-plan after countless hours of talking to Mary.

I updated all fanlistings.

I need to answer some questions still.

Bleh not much else I can think to write about lately. Daniel finally passed out at 3am. Totally sprawled on the bed. I will somehow have to push him over to one side so I can hopefully get on the bed whenever I decide to pass out.

Angel and I have a project. I am hoping we can get it up within a week or two weeks. Oh yes. I am thrilled about this ehhehe.

posted on July 29th 2003 at 6:03AM CDT

Yes, it does indeed sound interesting. Glad you have a plan and are in better spirits!

Angel Whispers
posted on July 29th 2003 at 7:44AM CDT

I look forward to seeing your new project.  As I said on Angel’s site… it’s good to see you both laughing and having a good time.  :o)

posted on July 30th 2003 at 6:49PM CDT

awesome site,i like the layout

iced glare
posted on July 31st 2003 at 9:50AM CDT

good luck with your projects :-]