December 13th 2005 / 2 minutes to read

Who hasn’t sang loudly to Diana Ross and the Supremes – Reflections?

I can’t believe this year is almost over! So many crappy things,

  • being broke
  • having to be in the hospital for a week with emergency surgery which caused me to be away from my son for that week
  • having two originally close friends break off our friendship because I started a message board
  • work stress
  • home stress

and good things,

  • getting my drivers liscense
  • keeping a job for over a year
  • loving my podlet
  • watching my son get smarter each day
  • joining WW and becoming healthier
  • having snowball fights with my son

I just wonder what 2006 holds? Hopefully a car of my own, an apartment, savings, etc.

It’s supposed to snow a ton tomorrow, hopefully it’s that snow that sticks to itself because right now all we are getting is that powdery snow and that doesn’t make good snowballs and sure as hell can’t make a snowman out of it sadly.

I have the use of my sister’s car today so after work I am going to drop off the overdue library book, maybe go to the store and buy more popcorn. Right now I am paying my phone bill online and then I am going to call and pay my SR22, then I will have a more accurate number for what I have left for the week, perhaps buy a few Yule gifts finally. I really only need to buy for my sister, my son, my mother, my sisters boyfriend, and my father.

I hope everyone has recieved the cards I sent them! I was not lying when I said I adore glitter!

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