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Ooo, nice! I like the fourth one best — all that brown and just the touch of green in the corner.

Reply to cheryl

Yay thank you!!

Beautiful pics. Great colors and examples of fall.

Thank you Alicia! I always think people think ONLY of leaves but I think mushrooms and acorns are huge signs of Autumn!


I do love fungi :) There aren’t many signs of fall where I am. Plus it’s been raining for the last few days != good for camera :P

Reply to Keeshia

LOL thank you! We went on a walk the other day at the Graue Mill and I can not WAIT until all the leaves change, it’s so gorgeous there!


Gorgeous! I love these. I am enjoying your autumn photo themes.

Reply to Caity

Thank you! I can’t find my “voice” lately so I’ve been sticking to photo posts which sadly, aren’t as popular LOL.

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