2016 Fruit and Vegetable Garden

June 10th 2016 / 2 minutes to read

Although my husband still has a few more boxes to build, I thought I would show our fruit and vegetable garden in its current state.

We had a variety of lettuces and some cilantro but with the crazy high heat (today it got up to 95!) they bolted. Everything else seems to be doing pretty well.

Also, forgive our backyard, we have a landscaper that lives behind us so things always look messy (someday I shall have a huge fence).






lavender – also have a large planter with lavender on the side of the house




basil – we probably have around 12-14 plants – can never have too much basil!










roma tomatoes – just one of the many varieties we’re growing


bell pepper




pumpkin flower (so exciting!)


from left to right – blackberries / rosemary / green beans / cucumbers


in no order – watermelon / cantaloupe / baby pumpkin / full pumpkin / zucchini / butternut squash


The overview

The shorter box to the left is Tristan’s box, he is super proud of it!

Not shown in detail are the green cabbage, all the different kinds of tomatoes, pepper plants, all the basil plants, and the strawberry bed is in the front of the house (until my husband builds the new strawberry box).

Are you gardening this year? What did you plant? How’s it going so far?

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Ahhhh! The pictures :) so many pictures. I love them all♡ you have a farmers market in your back yard!

Reply to Amanda

LOL! That would be the goal right! I’d still like to plant other fruits and veggies before it gets too late to plant.


Gorgeous photos! I’m super jealous of your blueberries. They don’t much like to thrive here.

Just out of curiosity, is that blackberry a small variety, or do you have plans to transplant it later? Ours get really leggy.

I’m not doing a garden for myself this year because I’ve spent all my time on my parents’. But that’s okay, I’ll get to enjoy all their produce.

So far we have: tons of tomato plants, patio cucumbers, bell peppers, ancho peppers, several varieties of potatoes, onions, zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, and lots of okra. I’m excited!

Reply to Crystal

I’m not sure about the blackberry. I know it’s a thornless variety but its current spot was not intended to be permanent, just needed to get it planted ASAP. Will probably move it next year to a larger location. It already has a some white and pink flowers on it!

My roma tomato plant has a ton of teeny tiny baby tomatoes growing, it’s so exciting!

My only worry are the melons as they didn’t do anything last year, so this year we have the much MUCH larger box and put it in direct sun and hoping for the best.

I tried growing onions last year and they never did anything, was an epic fail.

What a gorgeous update on your garden. Looks like something I’d love to do with my kids but sadly we have very little room. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you! Years ago when I had very little room, I had only an herb garden in containers, it worked really well.


Wow! Your garden is beautiful! I’m slightly jealous of people gardening, I really want to see if I have a green thumb myself! Next year this is going on my bucket list of things to do! I want to fill my porch with beautiful flowers!

Reply to Ashley

Funny enough, aside from the lavender and a few other flowers in the front of the house, I mainly haven’t grown any flowers yet! On the to-do list this fall, planting spring bulbs and what not.

Wow! I am blown away by your beautiful garden. You have such an amazing variety of crops. :) I’ve done flower gardens over the years, but never tried growing actual vegetables and fruits. I love seeing what others do though. Can’t wait to see photos of your pumpkins as they get bigger! <3

Thank you so much! I’ve done the opposite of you, grown mainly veggies / fruit / herbs but not really any flowers!

We lost one pumpkin to the animals but the other few are getting pretty big and already orange! I didn’t expect that to happen until end of September or October.


I LOVE the raised garden boxes! Looks like things are doing well. How did your peaches turn out? I had not had a good peach (even from the farmers market) until last year when we were traveling to the East coast. I think it was in Ohio I found the juiciest, sweetest peach I’d had in ages. It seems before that the ones I found were hard (picked too early I think) and would ripen on the outside while staying hard inside. YUCK. I did not have a garden the last few years because we have traveled in the summer. This year there was just too many health issues going on but I did plant a huge pot of herbs I’ve been making use of and I rejoined the CSA. Kudos to you for such a good bounty!

Reply to Barb

No peaches this year but I didn’t expect any since it’s a young tree and newly planted, I figure next year we will have better luck.

I want to join a CSA so badly! But I can’t figure out what to look for in a CSA.

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