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June 8th 2006 / 1 minute to read

I had a migraine this afternoon so I am too exhausted for a full entry, I will leave you with some photos from the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

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I Begin to Wonder


whoa, you took all of those? if so, do you mind me asking, what camera do you use. those are gorgeous! hope your migraine goes away!

Reply to Rachie

Wow.. Your pictures are just amazing. I love the strawberry one and the water one a lot!

Reply to Kasie
Deanna Marie

Oh, wow.  Just wow.

The roses are so simply perfect!
The fountain is such a good shot, gawsh that’s pretty.  Makes me wanna splash around in it.
And the strawberry is making me hungry.  =D

Hope you’re feeling better.  Migraines are just awful!  Gawsh, I can’t stand them.

Reply to Deanna Marie

I so need you to school me—amazing photos, girl!

Reply to nikki

Wow, beautiful pictures! I’m totally in love with the third and fourth ones!

Reply to Sai

I love the pictures. :) I love flowers.

Reply to Rainbow

MAN BITS!!!!!! Hey! Don’t contrast and compare!!
You so know where that is from.

Reply to Ali

hey, you’re pictures are awesome!
the flowers are so beautiful!

Reply to Kathleen

Your pictures are gorgeous!

Reply to Nicolah

wow! absolutely beautiful :) my favorite is the 3rd row of pictures.

Reply to kalen

Quite lovely, thank you for sharing. =]

Reply to Nyx

Your photos are amazingly beautiful.  I could sit down all day with a camer and never get one shot as good as yours.  What’s your secret?

Reply to Crys
vanessa [xposure]

your photography skills are pretty good! the black/white ones are awesome, something abt b/w photos never fail to impress me, even though there’re no colours to speak of.

Reply to vanessa [xposure]

Those pictures are beautiful! They make me want to go outside and sniff my mom’s rose bushes. Lol.

Reply to Kate

headaches suck. :(

The pictures are absolutely gorgeous though!

Reply to Stepherz

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