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I’m awake just because I can since I don’t work tomorrow (I’ve worked every other Saturday since… May?) but I have nothing to do so my sister and I are swapping mp3’s.

My birthday is in… 10 days. October 17th to be exact. I will be 24 years old. Never thought I would be a single mom to an almost four year old at this age! I recieved a glittery (HELL YES) card from my mother today. She got me a subscription to Body and Soul Magazine. (amazon wishlist)

I managed to get some beef stew meat on sale so yeah that’s going to be a crockpot meal this week. Stew is like the easiest thing to cook really and is the perfect autumny meal! Really awesome with cornbread or homemade bread.

Thank you Martyn for the postcard I got today! It totally cheered me up!

Matt called me today, he says he will send a gift card to get Daniel clothes on Monday. We shall see.

Is it me? I feel so disconnected from everyone lately. It’s not that I don’t want to communicate with people… it’s just… hmm. I don’t know really. I just feel like I am boring everyone. So hence that’s why I haven’t been all email happy or IM happy like usual.  Plus well this whole birthday thing has me a bit sad.

Ok well I guess I’m going to just umm sit here and let my podlet go on shuffle. (go you if you know what song the title came from!)