Anyone able to help?

September 23rd 2003 / 1 minute to read

Ok, bear with me here!!

Say I want a fairly large database, no make that very large lol. For instance

Photo of the rose here Name: Rose (scientific name)

and imagine that for about 600 other kinds of flowers and what not (no i am not making a db about flowers lol)

My problem is, how to suck the data out of the database to do this easily and with a hopefully plain version if someone wanted to print it just text and information no photo (which i do already but this will be different as it will hopefully be all coming from the database)

I really hope this made sense and I am looking for ANY help to achieve this! I don’t forsee any problems entering the information into a db just the pulling the information out!

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Why do you think you’d have trouble pulling info out? because everyone uses different data base programs?  Can you save it as a txt file?  I don’t know, just asking, I am not the techie sort and have never had to do this…

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Sorry, I can’t help, not very techie. But I am very intrigued as to why you’d need something as extensive as that.  Either way, hope you figure it out!

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