January 8th 2002 / 3 minutes to read

Morgan has a new layout nifty nifty!!

I have have two offers to post here for me when I have the baby tomorrow *ack am I really saying this??* soooo I suppose I will add both, heh, let us see who runs to the comp fastest. geez I am so cruel. Plus, it would just be fun to pretend I have a group blog for a couple days ahahhaahhaa.

Man oh MAN am I finally starting to freak out. A slow freak out true, but freaking out nonetheless. In like 26 hours I will be IN the hospital, being “prepped” and I assume stabbed to death by needles. Then in 28 hours, given the most terrifying to me thing, the spinal, and then hacked open. As I said to Ali earlier, and Mary as well I think, where will my bag of waters be exploding? In a normal vaginal delivery it would well come out my regions, but here, well they will be “breaking” it during the cut in my uterus to get to the baby… so… will it just explode all over my inerds? Something to ponder indeed…

I seem to be getting baby presents! It practically gives me the feeling of a baby shower!!! Tess is sending Gripe Water, Keli is sending something in baby boy hehe, and tonight David’s mom left a voice mail asking for our address so ethier shes coming up and seeing baby or gift for baby, since last time we were there which was like end of 6 months preggers, her and Davids grandma talked about giving something to the baby, heck I don’t mind! Makes me feel special! PRESENTS!!!! Kinda like xmas all over again since I didn’t get anything cept 2 cards, one from my dad, one from Nicki, and of course the xmas check from my dad. My mom got me a Cosmo subscription last week, and got Matt a Sports Illustrated subscription.

Speaking of scary day, how will I last with NOTHING to drink *or eat but the eating doesn’t bother me* after midnight tonight? I am ALWAYS SO thirsty, and I can’t even drink WATER! I mean the reason I am awake NOW is because I was thirsty and had to get a glass of milk…mmmm milk….nummy coolness….milk… heh anyways. I am however, allowed to brush my teeth, as long as I don’t SWALLOW, its like why would I SWALLOW?? Ohhhh I am scared, very very very very very scared. Make me perky today people PLEASEEEE as my last full day online PERKY! I want to feel the love, specially when I am SO freaked out, I wanna go in there tomorrow thinkin, well the online world is feeling the love.

Okey back to bed for a few more hours, then Matt will be home, then sleep for a few MORE hours if I can, then Matt is gonna install the car seat, pack me a bag, and ummm whatever else we are gonna do…new Buffy tonight!! Okey I will babble more later, joy joy!

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