December 14th 2001 / 2 minutes to read

I have all of these thoughts swirling around in my head yet I don’t know how to express them well enough online without people getting all egotistical and thinking I am talking about them which seems to have been the case ever since I had an online blog/journal. More and more I see other websites taking their journals and blogs down because certain people are “stalking” their sites just to bitch about what they wrote, I can very much understand that. Sometimes, hell, MOST of the time I feel I can’t really write what I want to, partly because I don’t want to start fights, other times it’s because people usually have seen the other persons story on the subject, or merely because there are people out there that read this and sometimes I don’t want them to know my personal stuff. I know this entry makes like zero sense…in a few days I will be starting my 9th month of pregnancy. It goes by SO fast. Anyone wanna get something for the baby? Heh I need bumper pads for the crib. ahahhha wouldn’t it be awesome if there were like He-Man crib sets? haahahahahaha that would ROCK! I had Matt get my christmas cards out, anyone wanna do a xmas card exchange? I already have a small list,Dad, Ali, Mom, Danny,Nicki,Jessica,Grandma Lu, and Keli. I think thats it so far. I was perky to find out that Jessica got me something for xmas! Thanks to THREE tiny hints I figured out what it was, much to the amazement of Ali heehehe, and Ali told me what she got me well where she got it from at least. My mom wrote me asking what I wanted for xmas, I think I want a Best Buy, Circuit City, or Babies R Us gift certificate.Hell I would want that from ANYONE!!! Well I need to eat something, or try to at least so I will babble more later!

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