Worn Out

June 3rd 2005 / 2 minutes to read

I am so exhausted this week! I paid to get my Arizona driver’s liscense stuff taken care of. That was a huge chunk of money. I am supposed to recieve some sort of fancy letter within a week or so, have to take that to my local DMV so they can enter it in their systems, call the AZ DMV and pay like $10 or something and get a letter from them and well YAY. I hope to be legally allowed to drive come July.

Speaking of money, I purchased myself something that I’ve only told two people *so please don’t share* I am not sharing with uhhh everyone because I don’t want anyone pissed off at me. Oh and more money news, the public aid woman called me yesterday, my hospital bill is $28,000 and yes public aid is going to pay the entire bill! Isn’t that completely wonderful!

I’ve been so bad, I haven’t checked hardly any of my GMail addresses, I’ve not been good in responding to emails, so I need to catch up this weekend.

Oh, nifty! My plumber guy got free sandwhiches for our lunch because well… all he did was tighten something and wasn’t going to charge them… so YAY free sandwhich!

Well only an hour and 15 min or so left at work, then the joy of bank, groceries, etc!

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First of all. Gina you rock! *mwah* Love you! *cheers Gina on more*

2nd, Ali & Odis, the shoes were for Danny.  Sarah has raised a sweet adorable kind little boy and HE said thank you, so Sarah shouldn’t have to. But she DID say thank you. What, is “thank you” not good enough for you? Does she have to get down on her knees and kiss your feet for buying something for your NEPHEW? Like you all went out of your fucking way to buy him *gasp* THREE pairs of shoes? Omg you guys are saints! I think we should ALL thank you! *snort* NOT.

Buying Danny 3 cheap pairs of shoes is NOTHING FUCING CLOSE to Sarah buying you two both mini Ipods! IPODS! You two make such a fucking big deal about 3 pairs of little boy shoes but you NEVER mention what Sarah does for you two. How she buys you guys shit, helps with your bills, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO You guys are the ones who have to play the victims. Just fucking grow up and stop causing internet drama.

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Gina, I wrote that last post as well as the others after that. Also I know that I am an asshole, ungrateful people like you all made me this way. Alright, children I’m out. You are all officially written off. Peace.

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