November 23rd 2001 / 1 minute to read

I wonder if I should keep the forums or not…Baby wise all is good today…even though I am still sick….Matt and I noticed he is REALLY high but I bet once he drops in preparation for birthing that it will take on more of a watermelon look instead of a huge basketball look heh it does however, explain why I can hardly breathe! We got our phone bill today yuck…anyone wanna give me some money to pay for it? Or maybe wanna buy some baby boy stuff? Heh well I will probably take a shower soon maybe the heat will help my poor achy back! Matt did the laundry ALL BY HIMSELF! So woohoo! I slept through it hahahhaha still watching the Making of the Band marathon…new season starts in January. I wonder if the hospital has cable?Something to ponder!

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