bee on rosemary

Yeppers a new design, I would super appreciate any feedback. I know in IE the bottom boxes will not show. Then again it’s IE and from the kind of (very light heh) traffic I get, the majority use alternate browsers… anyway this photo was shot at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. I adore the herb rosemary, reminds me of growing up in Tucson.

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posted on April 27th 2009 at 11:51AM CST

Puh, who uses IE anymore?

Heh, I really like the design. It’s beautiful as they always are!

posted on April 27th 2009 at 1:07PM CST

The new layout is fabulous! Very nice.

Amber I:)
posted on April 27th 2009 at 11:36AM CST

Design is gorgeous.  Shows up beautifully on the iPhone browser.  Hope your day is going well.

posted on April 27th 2009 at 3:50PM CST

Beautiful layout as always. I love the font.

posted on April 29th 2009 at 4:35PM CST

Very pretty photo. The new look is pretty cool too. Looks good in Opera which is what I’m using.

Glad to see you posting more. :)

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