Blast from the Past: Old OSN Designs

May 13th 2012 / 1 minute to read

Here’s a TON of screenshots and such of some past designs (remember when I used to “skin” lol!) OSN has had over the past 10 1/2 years! I wonder how many of you remember some of these?! This literally is just a handful, I have hundreds more but these were the ones I found that I didn’t need to re-code to see the full design.

Here they are in no particular order or size!

This post is over a year old which means the content may be outdated or no longer accurate.

Hot Mess
Car Insurance
Playing Catch-Up
I Redesigned, Again
I Miss Site Skinning
Blogging 4-ever
Freebie Library
Night Agent
Link CSS Changes
Spring Equinox
Small OSN Refreshes
Another Good Show
OSN Changes
New Favorite Show



Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Thug Mentality

Album Art for Take a Look Around

Limp Bizkit

Take a Look Around

Album Art for I Begin to Wonder

Dannii Minogue

I Begin to Wonder


I remember so many of these! I’ve always been jealous of your designs/talent.

Reply to Nicole

Aww thank you!

Sharon Possehl

Haha I remember almost all of these! Still love them all :)

Reply to Sharon Possehl

It’s sad when this literally is barely ANY of them too! I used to change designs every week it seemed like!

HA. Nice trip down memory lane! :D

It’s so crazy! Also, going through some old documents, I was a member of YOUR old message board as well!

Also… I don’t know if I told you but I LOVE this new design SO MUCH.


Okay, don’t hate me but I laughed over the Santa design. I don’t know who that Sarah is. lol I loved this little walk down memory lane, though. I remember a bunch of these. My how you’ve grown! :)

PS And now I know that you have a thing for The Beatles.

Oh man, there are so many more just like it. That was back in the GreyMatter days though, all about the tables!

Oh geez, HUGE Beatles and Lennon fan. Hence my ‘Imagine’ tattoo!

I remember almost all of these, lol! But I don’t see one of my favourites: it was a header with photos that you took, 3 I believe… but not like the one you’ve posted with the polaroids… I can’t seem to describe it, lol. I always loved it though!

LOL!!!! Do you remember how LONG ago it was?

Must have been about 5 years ago maybe? Honestly, no. haha. I remember the background was white or light, and I think the sidebar was on the left. I remember being SO jealous of it and trying to recreate the basic layout on my LiveJournal, hahahaha

Do you remember if it was still using MovableType or was it with ExpressionEngine? I am SO determined to find it now lol

OH OMG! Did it have… FEATHERS?



Reply to Samantha



That’s the one!!! I was sooooo obsessed with it! Lol! I would check OSN constantly just to look at it, hahahaha

Reply to Samantha

LOL! It’s bad, I hardly remember most of my designs because I would change almost weekly! I wish I had ALL of them, coding and all… still! I’m THRILLED we figured it out LOL!!!!

to Sarah

Looking for the design… I found the MOTHERLOAD of zip files no joke. Projects even I had forgotten about like “Correspondence” which I believe was a penpal site LOL! I am FREAKING out right now lol it’s so exciting.

I also have so much of the coding or at the very least the images and CSS from almost all of my old designs. I should figure out how to “skin” OSN again and have people “blast to the past” with OSN or something. This is so crazy I’m so giddy going through these!

I was more image heavy and creative back then LOL!


Hello, memories! I remember several of these, but the “oldosn4” really brings back memories, and “skin7” was always one of my favorites.

Reply to Crystal

I JUST updated the post and redid all the images! I found SO MANY MORE! I actually have almost all of them but these are the ones that I didn’t have to re-code LOL! I even have my designs!


I want to see that! *laughs* (Oh, and skin7 changed to birds3. The one with “Spread my wings”…)

Reply to Crystal

Yep, Spread My Wings is one of my epic all time favorites actually. I should bring that one back one of these days. Then all of us old folk can trip out!


This brings back some sweet memories :)

Reply to kimm

Aww I’m glad! I would have added more but then we’d have hundreds of images LOL!


You have had many awesome and beautiful designs… really speaks of your AMAZING coding talents :)

Reply to Amanda

Thank you! It’s such a trip. I also was HARDCORE about my various projects. My most successful was Pagan@OSN, that lasted oh geez… 3-5 years? Was semi-popular and everything LOL!


The ‘Breathe Autumn’ one and the last one with the feathers are my favorites. So soothing! I don’t remember many of them. I was a quiet blogger (much like now) most of the time and was more in the art circles than blogger circles, so I’d visit like once ever few months.

Reply to Echo

Thank you! I was more creative back then I swear lol.

I remember almost all of these, but especially that John Lennon one. I remember that was the first time I commented on your blog after being a lurker for years. I guess it was the first time I felt I had something interesting to say lol. But yeah, I’m with everyone else. That last one is pure awesome. You should think about making like a V 2.0 (hah!) and reintroducing it. It just screams Starry Night!

LOL!!!! I really should, maybe for the 11th yr anniversary or something!

Amanda Jillian

Wow, I love so many of them.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

Thank you!!


I love this post! There are so many awesome layouts and heck I even remember some of them!

Reply to Danielle

I used to design bi-weekly or monthly back then LOL!

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