September 7th 2005 / 2 minutes to read

I have $8 to last me the rest of the week. I charged so much on my CC… I haven’t gotten a bill but I keep paying online so I don’t end up with a huge bill… anyway most of that stuff was for my sister… true I had her car for five days but I had bought her ton of groceries, total was around $200… bulk foods so it should last but still.

This week my paycheck will be $80 less since we do not get paid holidays and did not work monday obviously. I don’t even get paid for another few days. I only have $5 in savings. I want to cry this sucks so much. Since I’ve started working here I haven’t had my bank account so low… true I could have held off on paying my credit card but I have been thrown into panic on making sure it’s paid off after hearing so many horror stories. Of course once the payment goes through if I need anything I can just use the card. Just ugh.

Plus I’m sick so all I want to do is sleep and hurl. I have no more clean clothes but again being sick I really do not have the energy to do laundry.

I am just… trying really hard to not cry right now, besides the fact it will make my congestion worse heh… but yeah I am so stressed and sick and just… worn out from everything.

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Well, if you’re under your limit, even though you said you would only charge X amount, if you really need something you can still use it.

However if you went wild with it like me, then that’s another story.

Since you paid online though, the payment should go through in a day or two.


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