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So I’ve been going through a lot of life issues right now which is why I haven’t really been around at all for the longest time. Super long story short, I made the hardest decision in my life and 2 weeks ago drove to PA so my 6yr old son could live with his father. I have no words to describe how I feel about it. I hurt every moment of every day. I feel so completely and utterly alone.

I so need a hug.

james r.
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posted on October 5th 2008 at 12:13AM CDT


I’m very sorry, Sarah. As a single parent who’s lived apart from his kids, I have an idea of how much you must be hurting.  :(

Doing what I can to send positive thoughts and virtual hugs.

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posted on October 4th 2008 at 10:56PM CDT

Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry, Sarah. I had no idea. I’m here if you need me. :(


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posted on October 5th 2008 at 7:39PM CDT

I have no words.  I am sorry for the emotional pain you are enduring. 

{{{{ }}}}

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posted on October 6th 2008 at 4:20PM CDT

Oh my.

Here is that *HUG*.


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posted on October 6th 2008 at 5:09PM CDT

I know I’m coming to this entry late—my weekends are too full for the internet lately—but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. I want to give you all kinds of hugs.

Call me.

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posted on October 8th 2008 at 2:33AM CDT

Oh Sarah…. I don’t know what you are going through but I KNOW it must be hard. I hope that you can still come to us on the internet for a shoulder to lean on. I know a lot of people out here care about you. *huge hugs*

(This is sarasnee previously of bleary-eyed.net, by the way)

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posted on October 9th 2008 at 6:49PM CDT

      I so very sorry. You are in my thoughts
and prayers. HUGS.

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posted on October 15th 2008 at 12:05AM CDT

Wow I don’t have kids so I can’t imagine but I wish you the best and I hope you feel better. There are lots of people here who think you’re awesome and support you 100%. :) Sending tons of love and hugs your way!

Take care and hopefully we’ll hear from you soon. ?

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posted on October 20th 2008 at 4:45PM CDT

Just a hug for you, and I’m sorry that you hurt…

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posted on November 10th 2008 at 7:46PM CST

Haven’t visited the site in a while so I’m just seeing this post. I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. I hope you’re feeling better at this point, although I realize this pain won’t fade quickly. Just remember that people are thinking of you and wishing good things for you.