December 29th 2022 / 2 minutes to read

I started Tuesday with a morning at urgent care. Guess whose ear is messed up again? Yup, me! So I have antibiotic ear drops, even with insurance, they were $30! My ear is still bothering me, it feels like I have water stuck or something, but I don’t. Ugh.

Christmas was… ok. I couldn’t get a ton for the boys, but I tried to get exactly what they had asked for, and they seemed happy.

I’ve been working on filling out and preparing my digital planner for 2023. It’s hard to use a planner sometimes because, since Covid, I’m primarily homebound due to being so high-risk. Still, I’ve added a daily journal section which is just an area for a small recap of the day rather than a “digital diary.” I also added a section to track all my gardening stuff this year, like seeds and plants, including photos, so I can remember what I have. No, that’s not my handwriting, which is a barely readable mix of cursive and who knows what else.

I managed to cut everyone’s hair, which I wanted to do before the new year, but it has left me exhausted. Chronic health issues are no joke!

It looks like I need to switch password managers from LastPass.

What password manager do you use? With all of this coming to light about LastPass, are you considering switching to a different service? I am torn between 1Password and Bitwarden. Many people are having issues with the 1Password iOS app and how it makes you log in constantly on Windows. But the UI is far better than Bitwarden. What I like about LastPass is the ability to share logins while hiding the passwords with as many people as I want. I hate change, even if it’s necessary, LOL!

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