Conversasion with His Best Friend

December 12th 2004 / 3 minutes to read

My sister had IM’d him saying where the hell is Matt and told him that Matt left me and our son. David then IM’d me.

MassEnigma: Hey, is what Ali just imed me about true?
Sprites Whispers: yeah
MassEnigma: That’s dicked, I’m sorry
Sprites Whispers: tell that to my son, he thinks daddy is playing a game, he keeps calling out for him, keeps searching the apartment, keeps peeking out the windows
MassEnigma: Like I told her, that’s the first I heard of it. If I hear anything from him you’ll be the first to know
MassEnigma: So he just like left there by himself?
Sprites Whispers: Yes
Sprites Whispers: we talked 15 minutes before i left work, we discussed me buying diapers because well for obvious reasons, and what to have for dinner, the night before he had me buy a brownie mix, nothing was odd, nothing at all
Sprites Whispers: i come home, door is unlocked, my keys on the bed, everything of his is gone
MassEnigma: That’s really messed up
Sprites Whispers: It drives me to insanity that he would do this to Daniel. He WORSHIPS his father.
MassEnigma: Were you two having a rough time or something?
Sprites Whispers: Not at all! We weren’t fighting, nothing major was going on, the night before we were discussing what to rent this weekend, we were talking about where to move to when my tax return comes in
MassEnigma: Did you call his mom and see if she’s heard anything?
Sprites Whispers: She doesn’t have a phone
Sprites Whispers: Someone had to help him, someone gave him money, a ticket, whatever. He planned this out. He couldn’t be a man and say “I can’t be a father I can’t be a partner, I need to leave” it’s disgusting. How do I explain this to my son when he is older? Is it simply that Matt doesn’t know how to love his own child? Is he that selfish? I don’t give a damn about myself but that poor baby, he doesn’t understand at all what is going on
MassEnigma signed off at 10:29:27 PM.

I keep feeling that Matt was watching the conversasion, was saying what a bitch I am. That he couldn’t contact me himself so he sent David online to get my reaction.

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