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damn-ed counter! the Tool Zone site is like down so our counter is down and I signed up for one at another place but I want to get the number of our OLD counter so I can slap that in the NEW counter *deep breath* UGH how fustrating!!! My period is like coming any second now, and im breaking OUT since this well NEVER happens and when it does its a combo of period and sweat which thanks to the fact we have NO a/c NO fans and its like 82 and H U M I D which equals 3 zits which are painful! I wonder if any of my herbys are a good remedy………..hummmmm damn if I don’t know many healers or at least people who know if a certain herb can get rid of them….too bad I don’t have any tea tree oil! Geez no one is online, well no one interesting at least….I need to boost my creativty somehow! Maybe I should go through my stuff, read a book….blahhhhhhh

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