41st Birthday

October 17th 2022 / 2 minutes to read

Today is my 41st birthday.

The Negative

Sadly, not much has changed since last year.

I’ve had three beloved pets pass away suddenly.

I got my blood work back, and my thyroid tanked again. I still show some sort of infection and high inflammation that we haven’t been able to figure out.

It’s supposed to be super windy and cold, might even snow, and will for sure rain. Limits any outdoor activity, and I can’t go indoors due to COVID (yes, it still exists).

The Positive

I got an awesome birthday box of goodies from my best friend. Here are just two of the items. She is the best gift giver!

I gifted myself a new hoodie (saved $50%) and PopSocket!

Most likely going to have the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cheesecake for my “cake” and get my free Starbucks PSL. Aside from that, no idea how the day will unfold.

I may or may not come back and as we did in the early days of blogging, add an ETA on how the day goes.


Didn’t get anything else. No special dinner either. Yes, I cried. So it’s like how almost every birthday I’ve ever had. No surprises there. People I thought would at least text didn’t. Just reinforces the isolation.

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Happy birthday! Love your birthday goodies!
As for your health, I hope they can pinpoint it soon. The waiting and trying to figure it out sucks. Hope you start feeling better soon. ❤️

Reply to Bibi

Thank you!

I hope so, too, I get bloodwork done every six weeks, and we can’t figure out why things tank or improve as my diet, medications, and supplements remain consistent. We figure the stress is killing me, basically, LOL! I can’t meditate it away.

But on the plus side… pumpkin cheesecake is in my future!

OH, we need to talk about the inside of that journal sometime! I didn’t go through it in detail. Happy, happy birthday, and enjoy your PSL!

Oh yes, my PSL, and then my two other lattes after that, were good LOL!

Yes, explain the journal! I saw some stuff online but it only confused me!

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