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I finally decided to shell out money I don’t have heh to purchase a reseller with a different company for Breathe Autumn (well, it’s a pretty name and the one the reseller is under),  Visionary Muse (my photolog), Ethereal Mood (my sister’s site), Bell Within (gina), Almost Serendipity (nikki), First Whisper (angel), VVClan (david), Knitty Pretty (a domain I bought someone and they never paid me back or accessed it or anything so I still own it).

See I currently have all of them on a free reseller for all the work I did for a hosting company but the server is going downhill and the service is going downhill and I feel so bad about it. I know Nikki offered to pay a few bucks towards the reseller each month which is awesome. I did the math and it would only be three dollars per person, per month.

So hopefully I can get everyone moved over this week.