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New dragonfly design.

I’m sure there are problems viewing it in IE but since that is the satan browser… just lemme know if it mostly looks pretty and if you can actually read the entries!

posted on March 19th 2005 at 3:04AM CST

i use IE and i can see this layout. lol i’ve never gotten around to changing browsers, i think because i forget things way to easy. ANYway, i like this layout :) the Visionary link is a great touch.

posted on March 19th 2005 at 3:54AM CST

I use IE and it looks just fine.  The previous layout looked wonderful too.

posted on March 19th 2005 at 10:48AM CST

Looks fine in IE!  I had trouble with the last one because the top image covered the first entry. :(

I luff it. :))))

posted on March 19th 2005 at 3:51PM CST

Oooooh, the new dragonfly look is lovely. I like it oodles. Hey, I used IE. *grin*

posted on March 20th 2005 at 7:01PM CST

Once again, I bow down to the queen of layouts =)

posted on March 21st 2005 at 12:39AM CST

I love it. It’s simplistic, but it also looks very soft, and the vaguely blurry look the fonts have is really pretty. Gorgeous, as per usual. :)