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Matt is still not home, which has effectivly pissed me off. I wouldn’t be pissed except he TOLD me he would be home 9pm gee its a BIT past 9! so I decided to sleep, woke up, no real email for the most part, basically nothing changed since i was LAST online, oh cept more bitching in the palace world. eh. i kinda have a headache, i just UH what am i doing with my life?? when sscom first started i was so proud, but then just like every thing ive worked on before-hand, i start to loose interest because i get absolutly NO FEEDBACK! why work on something that no one seems to care about? I told Crys that when I closed Imagine that palace people would slowly stop talking to me except for their problems, and ta-da I was right. the only time i get emails, or IMs from palace people is about problems that frankly i don’t want to be involved in. some of these people are 5-20 years older than me and can’t handle it? so why do I have to? I hardly noticed yesterday was fri the 13th, i slept it away, i missed the new making of the band which is sad…

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