Excedrin Ramblings

August 21st 2004 / 1 minute to read

I got laid up with an ever so lovely migraine yet again, so I am up late because I am all hopped up on Excedrin Migraine.

Let’s see, not much going on really, aside from the perky bringing design jobs although I probably shouldn’t mess around in PS when on excedrin.

Uh yeah one of THOSE posts where I babble endlessly.

I still think everyone needs to go prance over to Gravatar.com and get set up! I have it enabled in the comments and am saddened to see how very few people have one!

I set up the google ads over in the sidebar, so we shall see how that goes, if anything it doesn’t seem to hinder loading times so thats good.

Once I start feeling normal again I promise to write a better more uhh coherant entry lol.

Finally, a picture of the wee chublet, pretty much the only time he stood still long enough for me to GET one, he is wearing the overalls my bestest kitten gave him for his birthday back in January. He just loves them. He is also wearing his daddys hat, so cute!


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Album Art for Breaking the Habit

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Album Art for Bring Me to Life


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Lisa Williams

As they say in the Land of the Rising Sun, Kawaiiiiiiii! (Cuuuuuuuuuute!)

Reply to Lisa Williams

he’s so, cute! that is just how overalls are supposed to be worn! on a cute toddler with a backwards hat. who’s probably watching duck ducks.

Reply to mary

I get migraines all the time. I hate them.

Such a cute picture :)

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